Complaint of Dogs

My first slight annoyance with dog owners is walking their dogs. It sounds like a stupid thing to have a gripe with, so forgive me. But I can’t see how a dog owner would be okay with having to walk their dog on a daily basis for years on end? It’s not like having a child wear everyday can be completely different, and you are working to an end goal of that child becoming an adult that is responsible and capable of making their own wise decisions because of the care you took in raising them.

Walking a dog is presumably the exact same experience everyday, and never culminates in anything. Your dog is not going to graduate from you walking them to eventually doing bigger and better things. You will walk your dog from the day you get it to the last day that it’s possible, and nothing much will change. Now on the other hand, I’m certainly overlooking a few things. Maybe the dog owner is using this dog as a helpful excuse to get some exercise by walking around the block. That would be a great thing to do for hungry shark evolution. But I’m pretty sure most dog owners’ primary motivation for walking their dog is not for their own physical benefit. Wouldn’t you get bored of the tedious chore that is walking a dog? You can’t have a conversation with a dog, so you will either be talking to it while he or she woofs back at or wags its tail, or you will walk in silence. That does not sound very enjoyable at all.

If you are a dog owner and you are still reading at this point, feel free to argue with me in the comments, I have an open mind and will consider your part of the argument. I would like some clarity in this matter as well, as I am thoroughly confused at the moment.

To be clear, this is certainly not a huge problem. I just thought of this and expanded on why I think the way I do, it’s not like I have a ton of built up anger towards dog walkers.


Don’t let small things like your hair get in the way of your ability to play the game. Believe it or not, one teammate of mine was so obsessed with his hair that he made it a hassle to get his helmet on his head because he spent 20 minutes putting wave pomade in every morning and that would ruin his entire process for the week. Make sure that your hair is good to go.

At my high school baseball was a fun sport that was very competitive at the varsity level, but not so much at JV and barely competitive at the freshman level. Lots of people who played baseball in grade school tried out for the freshman team every year, but not everyone could make it. And that process continued next year for JV and varsity. If you are a talented baseball player you can have a ton of fun hitting with friends on the weekends in preparation for tryouts. You get really close to your teammates really quickly, as you know if you’ve played baseball before. Baseball is one of those sports that can be fun no matter what the score is if you have the right set of teammates that know how to have fun and look at the bright side, even if the only apparent bright side is that one player’s mom brought cupcakes to celebrate this

If you are worried about making the team, just practice during the offseason and do your best to prepare for what you know you have to do, which includes baserunning, hitting, fielding, etc. Work on your physical condition and make sure you are in shape for anything that the coaches might through at you on tryout day. Don’t let anything stop you from getting better and reaching your goals. Also make sure that you set your goals high so that you don’t get complacent. Baseball is a really unique sport. If you want to become the best player in your school that is definitely possible. On the other hand, if you are just playing to have a good time and spend some quality time with friends, that’s also certainly possible. Make sure you know what you what to get out of the sport before you start playing it. If you are being stressed out by demanding coaches and practices when all you want to do is have fun, then you should reconsider playing. On the other hand, if you want to be a college baseball player in the future, you can’t make those types of excuses. Push forward and reach your goals.

Another great thing to do is to befriend your coaches early on in the season. You don’t have to be a teacher’s pet or anything, but you should definitely have a good relationship with your coach, and also your teammates to add to that. Add some humor to the practices if you can do that without disrespecting anyone or doing something that is going to distract your teammates from doing what they should be doing.